BP Tronic
Full electric press for low-pressure casting of aluminum.




Final product
This full-electric press, which applies a completely innovative and revolutionary concept and method, is equipped with a vertical screw closure unit with direct-drive transmission, driven by a torque motor, plus four horizontal axes arranged at 90° driven by screws and nuts also with direct-drive transmission and torque motors.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the press offers numerous advantages over rival state-of-the-art technology. The most important one is the possibility to control the start and stop  of each single horizontal axis on an individual basis. For instance, we can set up their starting sequence according to preset delays (time criterion) or according to preset measurements (distance criterion).
We can also set up the end position of the horizontal axes in two ways: simultaneous stop of the four axes (interpolation of the axes) or indipendent arrival, that is, the first axis to start is the first to arrive.

There are considerable advantages compared to the state of the art, in particular the possibility of adjusting each axis independently in terms of speed, position and possible sequence in terms of arrival, as well as the positioning repeatability guaranteed by a CNC control, even when temperatures vary, which is a normal variable in the foundry sector.

A wide range of functions can be achieved and monitored, since the BP Tronic press is equipped with a CNC controller, as well as sensor technology and specific algorithms to perform process control during the work phase.
Ease of use (modern and intuitive HMI)
Full-electric (high flexibility, accuracy and repeatability)
Energy saving (KERS system)
Customizable (100% know-how by Automazioni Industriali)
CNC technology (absolute repeatability and process control)
Synchronization (optimization of operations)
Fast cycle times
Compact layout
Algorithms (control, supervision and management of key process parameters)
Mobile app (remote machine monitoring)