Why switch to FORGE TRONIC?

FORGE TRONIC electric press


High production capacity
Model VT - Up to 6000 pcs/h
Model FT - Up to 4500 4pcs/h
Average production capacity
Vertical press: just over 30 strokes x 3pcs = 5400 pcs/h
Horizontal press: just over 30 strokes x 2pcs = 3600 pcs/h
- 20% production capacity
compared to other presses
Lower energy consumption:
Model VT - 20kW
Model FT - 30kW
High energy saving
Average energy consumption:
60/70 kW
High energy consumption:
up to 150 kW

The hydraulic technology requires the use of big pumps and therefore high energy consumption
Electrical technology =
Repeatability and accuracy
Contour conditions affect pin positioning. The mechanics are not repeatable, they change a lot depending on the tooling. Hydraulic technology does not have the precision of electrical technology. Temperature affects the characteristics of oil.
Edit positions in real time, while the machine is running.
No downtime!
High material savings!
100% process optimisation!
Any modification of a position results in machine downtime and retooling.
Material waste (costs)
0% process optimisation
Position changes can be made in real time but are not as accurate
Absolute process control in real time through cycle analysis, possible thanks to electrical technology. Not possible, one can only estimate a rough stress based on the deformation of the structure. Not possible, hydraulic technology does not allow as accurate feedback as electrical technology.
- 50% setup time = only 30 min. Long setup times Medium-to-long setup times
Programming and emulation of the machine cycle with dedicated Cad Cam software (proprietary) Does not have Cad Cam software Does not have Cad Cam software
NO noise medium-high noise level medium-high noise level
ZERO positioning costs
No special foundations!
No need to drill or dig foundations
The position can easily be changed.
100% positioning costs
Foundation work needed
Extra costs and time
Fixed position, cannot be changed.
Positioning costs could arise.
No foundation works needed.